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Attitude in Teaching: The Heart of the Matter

Heart of the Matter book cover Teachers At Large began as a conversation among three educators with a combined 75 years of teaching experience with young people ranging from infancy through graduate school.  Early on we discovered mutual concerns regarding prevalent attitudes which excluded a variety of important factors in learning.  For example, we uncovered the fact that only 2 of 4 cognitive faculties are addressed in teacher training and school curricula; Behavior and Thinking were included, but omitted were Feeling and Awareness.

Another concern was that there is a highly curtailed approach to discipline and classroom management.  For example, most clsses are conducted within an attitude of explicit rules and implicit threats.

Finally, we became aware that the role temperament plays in preferred learning styles is largely neglected in teacher training and practice.  For instance, certain temperaments see to thrive (at least superficially) in our system while others languish.

We hope that our work in the Heart of the Matter texts and on this blog create a network of peole who have transformative ideas about teaching and learning.