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Attitude in Teaching: The Heart of the Matter

Heart of the Matter book coverWe at Teachers At Large have conversed over cups of tea and “hearty” conversation about teaching at all levels (infancy through graduate school).

In our combined 60 plus years of teaching, we have all felt intuitively connected to our “material” (kids and content) and have experienced multiple moments of the rewarding “Ahas!”.

We have also, unfortunately, concurred on another typical educator’s experience:  the attitude that kids are empty vessels whom we are bestowed the responsibility of filling up and sending off the the next level of learning.

The attitudes we explore here are most likely those you’ve had, either in trickles or in tidal waves.  Some of you have trusted them, and taught from your hearts.  Others have experienced backlash from the system, fellow educators, or other naysayers whose attitudes toward teaching are rooted in fear.

In either circumstance, we hope that our work in the Heart of the Matter texts and on this blog create the promise of a network of people with rejuvenating ideas, inspiring discussions, and ideas for new paths to explore and apply tomorrow in your teaching.