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I’ve Got a 7-Sense Feeling About This…

Feeling/Knowing folds in the “Big 5” senses and

The “Big 5″ combine with our sense of balance/order and the relative weight of a concept to create a palette of imaginations about anything we perceive.  Further, everyone knows that one can only believe that which they have experienced themselves.  Thus we ask the following two questions:

Can I trust these images, are they affirmed by teachers/peers, and how do they mix with the “greater knowledge” about a topic?

How do your students’ tangential stories relate to the topic and not detract from it?

Comment on these and other musings about Feeling/Knowing on this discussion.

One Comment

  1. Rachel says:

    Tonight I’m creating disability awareness curriculum for students in the middle grades to learn about the particulars of disabilities in hopes of building empathy and understanding. As I struggle to imagine what would be relevant and useful for kids to further understand a disability I find myself returning to the 7 senses. When learning about asthma, students learn about the respiratory system. I ask myself, “What would it feel like to be a lung? Alveoli? Capillaries? Cilia?” I find myself asking teachers to guide students in a movement/dance to experience respiration. “Will it work? Will kids understand more using this sense of movement?”, I wonder. I’m convinced that to FEEL it is far better than to read about it and/or simply THINK about it.

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