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How was school for you?

Explore Your Temperament:  it is and will be WHO YOU ARE!

  1. Consider yourself, your temperament (try any one of the temperament sorters on the Keirsay site), and what school was like for you as a child.
  2. If you are an extravert, did you find yourself fitting right in with the culture of “raise your hand and share what you know”?
  3. As an introvert, did any of you find yourself wanting to be heard, but not in the aforementioned way?  Was the material you learned something you felt (in any of your 7 senses) or was it incumbent upon you to just think/understand it in a pre-packaged format?

In our work with new and experienced teachers on temperament, teaching, and learning, we have found ourselves in great moments of introspection.  Teachers are reflecting on how they learned, how it was presented to them, and if/how they were able to fully engage in the learning.  One’s temperament, specifically extraversion/intraversion and intuition/sensation have been at the forefront of these conversations.  Further, we are finding ourselves face to face with students whose temperaments match or clash with our teaching styles and this experience is throwing us the ultimate curve ball; i.e. how will we attend to their needs/styles of learning as well?

Comment on who you are and who you need to be as an educator, friend, colleague, etc.

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