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Fear: Energy or Enemy?

Fear rises within us and jolts us to react.

How do you react to a lesson that has gone “off course”?  To a student who affronts you in some manner?  To a colleague or administrator who challenges your ideas or intentions?  To a parent who insists on a different path for his child?

Fear can drive us toward “justice” reaction, when we resolve a situation by instituting the institute’s general “laws” on the offensive action.

Fear can drive us toward “ritual” reaction, when we respond with expulsion, time outs, or other entirely dismissive actions.


We can become wary of and then alert to our reactions to our offending friends.  Then skip the objectivity described above and become subjectively attentive to individuals and see exactly what they are doing, why, and how.  Fear in this response energizes, and not “enemizes”, us to connect with others in an authentic and exciting way.

Comment on your interactions with fear in your teaching life and beyond.

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