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Whose Assessment?

What and whom are we testing? “If we are essentially corect that real learning is about accessing Personal Awareness and then reading correctly the images formed by the press of that awareness on the feeling life, then is our testing an actual measure of that process?” – Willis & Greenberg, Heart of the Matter, 2007 […]

Alignment. Ahhhh!

When the four faculties align, your students’ and your own energies ignite in genuine and spirited expression. What does this look like?  When do you feel (and your students’ responses mirror this feeling) that things in your teaching are humming along so well?  Why is this so?  How does this look for your “best student”?  […]

Fear: Energy or Enemy?

Fear rises within us and jolts us to react. How do you react to a lesson that has gone “off course”?  To a student who affronts you in some manner?  To a colleague or administrator who challenges your ideas or intentions?  To a parent who insists on a different path for his child? Fear can […]

Authentic Expression is SO real!

Kids are experts on being “real”. They don’t easily hide their indifference, confusion, exuberance, or anguish.  It’s our job to perceive and respond to them in a most authentic manner.  How do you respond to their authentic expression? In dismay, frustration, exuberance, interest, or curiosity?  How “real” are you in your own responses to them? […]

How was school for you?

Explore Your Temperament:  it is and will be WHO YOU ARE! Consider yourself, your temperament (try any one of the temperament sorters on the Keirsay site), and what school was like for you as a child. If you are an extravert, did you find yourself fitting right in with the culture of “raise your hand […]

Attitude in Teaching: The Heart of the Matter

We at Teachers At Large have conversed over cups of tea and “hearty” conversation about teaching at all levels (infancy through graduate school). In our combined 60 plus years of teaching, we have all felt intuitively connected to our “material” (kids and content) and have experienced multiple moments of the rewarding “Ahas!”. We have also, […]