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Friends With Heart

We’ve shared our work with many and gleaned inspiration from the colleagues listed below.

Visit these links to keep the “Attitude-Changing Movement” alive.

Differentiation & Curriculum Development

Carol Ann Tomlinson is an educator, researcher, and writer whose focus in recent years has been on an accurate articulation and implementation of differentiated instruction.  We believe this is an extension of an Aware and then Attentive attitude toward teaching.

Grant Wiggins is another inspirational educator whose focus on assessment complements our integration of the Four Educations.  Authentic education, to us, addresses the entire child; not just his ability to think or behave accordingly.

Jay McTighe, an intellectual companion of the 2 educators above, has authored numerous books on Understanding By Design.  Teachers At Large would only add that the student’s understanding be included in his methodology.  Regardlees, another hearty attitude to peruse.


Carl Jung provides the philosophical psychology behind a complete attitudinal pedagogy.  His work Psychological Type (1990) provides insight into how perception and judgment function within temperament.

David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates’ Please Understand Me:  Character & Temperament Types offers a temperament analysis and basic profile for each type.  Worth a try for yourselves, your colleagues and then move on to Murphy’s book below.

Elizabeth Murphy’s The Developing Child gives a practical look at temperaments and how to teach to each temperament.  A great professional development start for any group and its insights can be extended to upper level education as well.

Assessment & Instruction

Alfie Kohn is a “outspoken critic” of America’s fixation on grades, test scores, and other lopsided methods of assessment.  We derive energy and action from his work and our discussion of assessment in both books takes Kohn’s ideas out into practice.

Attitudinal Guides

Alfred North Whitehead provides the psychological philosophy behind a complete attitudinal pedagogy.  We recommend Aims of Education, Adventures in Ideas, and Modes of Thought for a grounding in the nature of learning.

William Ayers To Teach urges readers to first examine myths of educators and education and later elaborates on the truisms of every aspect of the field ranging from “seeing the student” to developing authentic attitudes toward teaching and learning.

Vivian Gussin Paley is an author of several books and acclaimed early childhood educator.  Her writing is account of a teaching attitude that holds the Feeling/Knowing faculty in the highest and most necessary regard for all teaching and learning.